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Amazon's movable smart display is now available for pre-order

Amazon’s movable smart display is now available for pre-order

Echo Show 10 follows you around the room. (Photo: Amazon)

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The display of Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 will automatically rotate in your direction. The team wants less than 250 euros for this.

After this Amazon Echo Show10 Available in the United States from the end of February 2021, the Smart Display can now be pre-ordered in Germany as well. However, the device will not be offered until April 14, 2021. Of particular interest about the new Echo Show 10 is the integrated motor, which allows the 10.1-inch display to rotate in a circle. The integrated camera detects when you move and then automatically rotates the screen to your new position in the room.

Image Gallery: Amazon Echo Show10

Additionally, the 13-megapixel camera offers 110-degree viewing. During video conferences, the wide-angle camera allows you to zoom in and out as much as possible. This functionality is similar to what Facebook does with its competing product Web Home Discounts.

Echo Show 10: Personal Identity and Data Protection

If you prefer, you can control Amazon’s Echo Show 10 remotely via the Alexa app and use it as a movable surveillance camera. Additionally, person authorization can be used to perform actions in the Alexa application. It is possible to integrate with smart lighting systems, for example. Thanks to the integrated Gigby Center, the Echo Show 10 interacts with smart home devices like this without being an outdoor hub.

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In addition to the camera, the Echo Show 10 also uses noise detection so that the screen can identify your position. According to Amazon, the audio and video data required for this will be processed exclusively on the device and will not be transferred to the cloud. You can also hide the camera if you do not believe the whole thing.

With the exception of the engine, Amazon’s new smart display is ultimately no different from that Previous devices in the Echo Show series. This function is even more important via voice control. This voice data will continue to be processed in the Amazon cloud.

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