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Project 007 is Hitman - Nerd 4. Life is more like Horizon Zero Dawn

Project 007 is Hitman – Nerd 4. Life is more like Horizon Zero Dawn

Io Interactive is currently working on Hitman 3: The team plans to support the game in the next few months. However, at the same time, he works Project 007, Announced last November. We know he will say something New look story To James Bond who will become the 007 agent we all know. What kind of game would this be, right? According to new information, we can say that It sounds more like Horizon Zero Dawn than Hitman.

Specifically, a new job ad dedicated to IO Interactive Search Project 007 signals A writer / writer Who can write the story of the journeys and characters “according to the overall plot and creative vision of the game”. The developer / developer must work with designers and artists to “tell a coherent, brilliant and powerful story of game environments, cutouts, tasks and dialogues.”

I want this Creating story and task design, “Creating scenes, story curves and objects that are connected to the main purpose of the story and creating guidance that comes with the plot with the players”. He should write “Guidelines of the story, with substantial dialogue of character scenes”. In addition, Project 007 does not lose a series Written documents that tell the story of the sports world, Explored places and characters encountered.

As you can understand, this is a classic action game that is deeply intertwined with storytelling. In other words, Project 007 is similar to Horizon Zero Dawn (To give an example of many) Compared to Hitman, this is a mission game based primarily on independent levels and not with a high level of detail.

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We also note that for IO Interactive, Project 007 could be the start of a trilogy of James Bond.