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Microsoft accidentally leaked the new Windows 10 design

A Microsoft employee posted a screenshot of the PowerShell window on his Twitter account with a very different look than what Windows 10 is used to. Below the presentation of the windows, it seems that this is the first vision of a major design change that will deeply transform the interface. We do not expect less from future Sun Fence renovations.

Credit: Unsplash

Microsoft is constantly testing ideas Update the design of Windows 10. The company has changed the default wallpaper, Introduced “Dark Mode” and “Light Mode” – and recently a Modified the design of the Start menu. Further A new major update is coming, with very in-depth changes. The first clues to this were briefly leaked via the Windows 10 Tips application.

In particular, we discovered the new WiFi connection screen with rounded edges – one of them already. Small revolution that breaks the angular side of the Windows 10 design, As well as Other rounded elements of the interface. Other operating systems, including Linux Ubuntu and MacOS, have revolved around their design over the years. So it seemed logical that Microsoft, which had already embraced so many ideas from these systems, should follow this path.

According to this new leak Windows 10 will soon change its design very deeply

It turns outScreen shot incorrectly posted by Microsoft employee confirms this direction. Screenshot Shows a PowerShell 7.1.3 window (latest standard version available). PowerShell can run as CMD in a program called Windows Terminal.

However it looks like in a future version of Windows The design of this window, which has not changed much since Windows 95, is finally entitled to a major facelift.. The interface adopts dark mode. And has simplified tabs reminiscent of web browsers.

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Mostly, Make way for aesthetics with a frame that exits the edges at fully functional angles and is circled in the shade of gray and fringe. Unfortunately, we do not know if this new design will be used for all applications or if this design only applies to a few official applications.

Microsoft may completely change its design With the release of Windows 10 Sun Fence – The version that needs to formalize all of these changes. What do you think of this new rounded design? Please share your opinion in the comments section of this article.

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Credit: Via Microsoft Windows Latest