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google lens

Google Lens comes on desktops: what it can do

After its introduction on mobile devices, The Google Lens Finally making its appearance on computers as well. Currently, the service The big g Image recognition integrated Google Photo, Allows users to identify and capture text in photos stored in Google Cloud.

Now, Google is releasing a feature that makes full use of its potentialArtificial intelligence In the accounts of its users around the world. This is an interesting integration, therefore, for the Big G operating system, even though the proven capabilities are still in their infancy compared to what is in use for mobile devices. Despite this, Google Lens represents a useful tool, until now it was only reserved for Android devices (at least in stand-alone format). Apple users, on the other hand, were able to get its taste exclusively within other applications such as Google Search for Mountain View and Google Photos for Cupertino devices.

Google Lens, what can it do

As expected, currently, Google Lens still offers Limited functionality On the desktop. In fact, its function is limited to recognizing text OCR technology (Optical character recognition, Optical character recognition), as has already happened in the Android app.

However, they are not recognized Human faces, monuments, plants, animals, QR codes And many elements commonly found in the mobile version. However, these are the first steps in the application of this type of device: many of its capabilities will be added to the browser version in the future.

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Of course, that’s what he can do now Recognize text in an image, Analysis and Import in text box For copy. To use the feature, sign in Google Photo Open the picture of your interest. A button with words, if any, recognizable text Copy the text from the image Available at the top of the interface. By clicking on it, Google Lens will record what it reads and display it Box On the right side of the screen. From there the user can copy it and insert it into a document, a note or exploit it as they wish.

Google Lens, when it comes to Italy

Google Lens is already implemented in some user accounts Italy Others may start playing with the feature just before the next few hours. To find out if you are already lucky, visit the address Try to show the image with the main text.

If the icon appears in the upper left corner, you can try the first scan, otherwise you will have to wait a few more hours.