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Android Tread receives German voice release, new information on August 27 • Nintendo Connect

Metroid Dread-Pinset is my Nintendo verbügbar • Nintendo Connect

The 7 day trial phase for the Nintendo Switch Online is available for free through the My Nintendo website until January 9, 2022 – even if you have already used the free trial phase (we have been informed).

In addition, it now has two parts Metro Tread-Pinset As for 500 platinum points (plus shipping costs) My Nintendo Reward Available. It is a set of two stainless steel pins centered on Samos and EMMI. According to the website, the needles are sent “in an attractive box with a window”. So you can leave the pins in the box to decorate your gaming room or take them out and attach them wherever you want.

And if you like our video review Metroid fear Haven’t seen it yet, we’ve included a related YouTube video below for you:

Remember that you need a credit card to order. The reward code is valid for 48 hours after exchanging your points. So, finish the order for your Pokémon smartphone ring on time, pay the shipping fee of 99 3.99 and the product will be in your hands soon.

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