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Metro Tread to play Nintendo Direct in September?  Gaming Today

Metro Tread to play Nintendo Direct in September? Gaming Today

Metroid fear

A new one Nintendo Live It will be in preparation for September and can give enough space Metroid fear. The story comes from Samus Hunter, the closest and most trusted league to the Nintendo world, who did not include additional details about what he would actually see during the presentation, as plans are always changing.

Fear of the Metro, a presentation close to the introduction?

I remind you that it was launched Metroid fear Currently scheduled exclusively for October 8th Nintendo Switch: A possible event dedicated about a month ago will be right in line with the new habits of the Japanese company, now used to pack mini direct for important new games.

Metroid fear

However, the event should be held almost simultaneously for launch Warrior: Get together, Currently scheduled for September 14th: So let’s see if this is true.

Metroid fear New chapter of the main series 19 years after the last episode: live sequel Metro merger, Will be a chapter with purpose Close events Start even with the owner’s first episode. The protagonist, Samus, is called upon to fight a new enemy called EMMI through a game that reflects the style and structure of the owner’s traditional episodes.

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