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Gabriel Borick defeats new president, fascist rights and radical defense - Radio Onda Diurdo

Gabriel Borick defeats new president, fascist rights and radical defense – Radio Onda Diurdo

The clear victory of the Left in the Chilean presidential election.

Gabriel Borick, 35, a former leader of the student movement of the Abyssinian Dignitad Alliance, is the youngest president in South American history.

In the second round Boric won by 11 percentage points over his opponent, the extreme conservative nostalgia of the Pinochet regime Jose Antonio Cast, who was leading in the first round. Boric Castin received 55.87% of the vote against 44.13%.

More than 8 million people went to the polls with a record turnout of 55.65% compared to the first round, a strong increase compared to the first round, with only 43% of those eligible going to the polls. One million and two hundred thousand voters and more electricians chose the candidate, mostly from the left. Cost conceded defeat by ballot.

Thousands of people gathered in Santiago del Chile during the 2019 uprising in the renamed Piazza Italia, where thousands of people sang the song “El Pueblo Unido Jamas Serra Vencito”. Boric, Its first commitment is to lead Chile on a new path Constitution, Deliberately sends the wanted man upstairs by dictator Pinochet.

Comment by Argentine journalist and our collaborator Federico Larson Listen or download

Giorgio Drucci, Italian journalist who works and works in Central America, listen or download

Listen or download the voices of Andrea Rivas, Andres Vincent, Sergio Munoz and Magdalena Valdiviso, who graduated in political science in Chile in the 1960s, and Javira Pizarro’s short speech

Correspondence from Chile with Comrade Alice Ferraclio, a Comrade from Prussia, who is conducting international civil service in South America. Listen or download

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