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Metaverse, Phil Spencer does not benefit users, but only for companies -

Metaverse, Phil Spencer does not benefit users, but only for companies –

Bill Spencer Not so excited by the concept of MetaVerso, In which he did not see Benefits For users, but only for companies that advertise it in the future. At this point he was very clear in an interview with the protocol in which he touched on various topics.

Spencer: “We leaders spend a lot of time discussing what we know in this matter and how to bring together different technical foundations. But I wonder why Microsoft? I mean, what’s good for gamers in this metaware that everyone is talking about? And for the creators? I think most tech companies find it easy to explain why metawares are good for their business. But if I try to reuse my video game vocabulary and focus on the gamers and create an ecosystem that meets their needs and the needs of the creators, dynamic platforms will start.

Spencer raised Important point. When it comes to metawares, companies are not interested in what the user experience will be. Most presentations can sell and buy virtual land and goods, companies can sell their products directly on the metawares, NFTs are the focus, business meetings are the most beautiful, and they tell us. Can be exploited.

But for that Players? Except for indirect exploitation? There is talk of items that can be carried between different games, earning by getting and playing items of real value and … that’s all. Little to convince people to trade reality with virtual reality.

Great approach to Spencer, real metawares, can play on any platform you want, if you will, it is the closest system to the user experience.

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