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French news broadcaster gets rare access to Apple Park ›Macerkopf

French news broadcaster gets rare access to Apple Park ›Macerkopf

Apple Park in Cupertino is rarely accessible to anyone other than an Apple employee. Before the global health crisis, Apple hosted private events on campus, but they were strictly restricted as guests were limited to the Steve Jobs Theater. News channel TF1 has now released new footage from Apple Park, which shows employees talking and working on the next generation of Apple products.

Apple Park: Innovation and the Future

As expected, the logs did not provide any insights into the hitherto unpublished products. Some displays show blurred views of offices and rooms where new and unpublished products are stored. The faces of some Apple employees could not be identified in the post to protect their identities.

TF1 explains that while they were at Apple Park, many doors were locked and that negotiations with Apple took place wherever they were filming. Greg Joswiak, also known as Jose, recalled in an interview the initial planning phase for the new headquarters: when Steve Jobs designed the Apple Garden, he wanted to build the office of the future. He wanted a place where people could meet, work together and exchange ideas.

Employees attend formal meetings held in large conference rooms, after which they can come around the Apple Park for creativity, the report says. Apple is on track to become the world’s first $ 3 trillion company, and Jose said Apple “believes we can do it if we can imagine it. We can make it happen.”

Health, data protection and environmental protection

One of Apple’s top priorities is health. During a visit to Apple Park, Dr. TF1 visited the team. Apple Vice President for Health Sumbul Desai spoke.

“Our goal is to provide useful data for users and their physicians. We do not want to change the doctor-patient relationship, but we want to improve it, ”said Dr. Desai.

“The most important thing is that users can choose from element to element, what data they allow, and Apple does not receive or view this data. They depend on the device,” he added, referring to the security of users’ health data.

TF1 spoke to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for Environmental Issues, about the company’s initiatives and efforts to protect the environment. The Apple Park roof is fitted with solar panels, which help reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

“This is what our customers expect. For us, we focus more on the products we use, reuse some of them, and innovate to incorporate recycling into the design of our products,” Jackson said.

Has an excerpt from a French television report TF1.

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