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Messenger will no longer work on these phones from 2021

Messenger will no longer work on these phones from 2021

Anyone who uses WhatsApp on a smartphone should check their operating system. Because if it is too old, the support for the ambassador ends. Which devices will be affected from January 1?

Users of older iPhones after December 31, 2020 and AndroidDevices Ambassador Share No longer or only to a certain extent. This can be seen from the support information of the embassy service.

This completes support for Android and iOS devices

Accordingly, the application requires version number 4.0.3 or higher Android operating system. At least on iPhones iOS 9 must be installed. WhatsApp support will be discontinued on devices running older mobile operating systems. This means that from January 1, 2021, some functions will no longer be available or the application will no longer run. Updates are no longer provided. For example, it has been affecting the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S2 since 2011.

Users should check if their device meets WhatsApp software requirements – if system updates are available.

How to check the operating system

To verify your Android version, open the device settings and select System or “Device information“Under.”Software information“Or “(System Update” Find your Android version. Alternatively, you can enter “Android” in the “Settings” search window and select the desired option here. Version number must be at least 4.0.3. – The latest Android version is number 11.

On an iPhone, you can find the information you want “Settings → General Software Update”. If version number iOS 9 or higher is displayed here, everything is OK. Apple Has already released iOS 14 this year.

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It happens without update

Support for devices with the Windows Phone operating system ended on December 10, 2019. The company had already announced the move in early 2019. It is estimated that about 400,000 devices worldwide used the Windows Phone operating system at that time.

At the time, WhatsApp wrote on its website that users with the old operating system could no longer use Messenger. In addition, the company added: “Since no new functionality has been added to WhatsApp on these sites, some functions may not work after a certain time.”