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Messenger is more popular than WhatsApp

Messenger is more popular than WhatsApp

The new usage rules for WhatsApp went into effect on Saturday. These changes may be an opportunity for many users to switch to competitors.

Ambassador Signal Currently in the rankings Google Play Store It ranks first in many countries and is currently one of the most popular applications. In countries such as Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Poland, the signal is higher than its competitors. Share Listed as posts in the Signal Sub forum on the website Reddit Demonstration.

The reason for the popularity of the signal is the new guidelines that have recently come into effect on WhatsApp. According to Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, there are fundamentally minor changes for users, and the changes are primarily intended to affect communications with companies. However, critics complain that the WhatsApp terms and conditions are too opaque. More about the new guidelines, what will change for users, what critics say, Read here.

What is a signal

Signal is an ambassador like WhatsApp, which many users and experts want to name as an alternative. Among other things, the signal is considered ideal for privacy. How To Switch From WhatsApp To Signal Read here. The signal also has functions that WhatsApp does not have. They are Read here.

Other messengers have become more popular among users in recent months due to changes in WhatsApp: Number of downloads of such apps Telegraph, Wire or Trima And rose. Telegram data is viewed critically by encoders, among others because of its encryption. More about Telegram Read here.

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In contrast, Trima in particular is often cited as a safe alternative to WhatsApp. In contrast to the signal, Trima users do not need a phone number to register, for example. The application requires a one-time fee of 3.99 euros.