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GTAV almost very realistic thanks to the Intel upgrade optical augmentation

GTAV almost very realistic thanks to the Intel upgrade optical augmentation

GTA V Although the latter was released in 2013, it is still a success. But as we have seen on the site, thanks to the many mods, the latter is at the forefront of graphic talk, which is sometimes more attractive than the recently launched titles. And GTA V Is still popular Intel The latter decided to attack with him Photosynthetic expansion It uses artificial intelligence and makes the game more realistic than ever.

Evidence in the video:

“We present an approach to improving computer graphics reality. Images are enhanced by a network network that exploits the intermediate representations produced by conventional rendering pipelines. We consider that one of the reasons for the great artwork is the results of several previous methods, to fix this we propose a new technique for modeling image links during transformation.We also introduce the latest in many architectural improvements in deep network modules used for photography enhancement- We confirm the benefits of our contributions to controlled experiments. Stability than image conversion methods and a variety of basics Report significant gains in character and realism. “

To know everything about Photosynthetic expansion, It is easy for you to have proof, in addition you can fill in the comparison photos.

Source: Photosynthetic expansion

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