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Free PC Games: You can download these great games for free

Free PC Games: You can download these great games for free

Free Games: You can download these games for free

Epic Games, Steam and Ubisoft always offer you a lot of free PC games. We give you an overview of all the important free topics and offers to play for free.

Heroes & Generals WWII

New PC games quickly cost 50 to 70 euros. Before you take out your wallet too quickly, you should first check out the free games. After all, there are a lot of free games.

Topics to play for free are also plentiful, but sometimes publishers offer full versions or allow you to play new games for a short period of the weekend. In the following gallery you can see which game features are currently free.

Lions song

Photo Gallery

These games are currently available for free download

These games are currently available for free download

Are games really free?

Sport prizes in the Steam and Epic game store are usually free full versions so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. The situation is different with many free-to-play titles. Here you can sometimes invest a small amount of money on equipment or skins. However, as a rule, this is not mandatory.

Gratis-Games Im Epic Game Store

Epic Games Store You have to keep an eye on it constantly because Epic Games offers free games every week. He won via the following link Overview with free games. You are currently receiving the following topics for free:

Free games on Steam

Millions of gamers use the Wolverine gaming platform Steam, and there are also free games. You can download Steam, install it, and start playing right away without making any purchases. We guide you For an overview of playing for free.

Free Games in Microsoft Store

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft also offers a store where you can buy and download many programs and games. Here is what you expect 1,000 free games. Highlights include the following two racing games:

Free games on Ubisoft

If you enjoy Ubisoft games too, you should get it Free Events des Publishers Ansen. There are several test versions of popular titles such as The Division 2, Ghost Recon Break Point or The Crew 2 – each of which provides insight into the game, but not the whole experience. But there are real full versions:

You will get these games at Prime Gaming in May

Twitch Prime is Prime Gaming. For many years the service was called Twitch Prime, and now Amazon has renamed it Prime Gaming. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will not only benefit directly from the online retailer – you will also receive – no – free games. These topics are waiting for you in May:

  • Picture – Biz 21. Ink
  • Edgar – Pokmon in Paulsack – May 28th
  • Healer’s Quest – June 1st
  • Viewer – Until June 1st
  • The Blind Prophet – Since June 1st
  • Yoko Island Express – June 1
  • A blind legend – from June 1st
  • Distance: Director’s Cut – Biz 4. Juni
  • Blast – until June 11

More free games thanks to Google Stadia

Do you like to play games, but your computer does not have enough power? Then you should see the so-called game streaming services. One of the most popular is Google Stadia. You can make the offer Try one month free with trial subscription Get access to ten games, including PUBG and Destiny 2.

Google Stadia in the first test
Cloud gaming on smartphones too

Google Stadia launches, but Netflix streaming service for games? Learn about delays and requirements in our short test.

All you need for Google Play is a stable and fast internet connection. It should download at least 10 Mbit per second. You can try how fast your internet connection is with the Netsweld speed test.

Play PS4 games for free on PC

You can also try another cloud gaming service for free. Sony offers you one Seven days free access From PlayStation Now (PS Now). Try the service and play multiple PS4 and PS3 games on your computer. You will also find exclusive highlights like Bloodborne or Spider-Man.

Play Xbox One games for free on PC

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On the other hand, if you want to play Xbox games properly on your computer, you may want to try Game Pass. It provides access to more than 100 topics. You can currently avail of a special offer and pay only one Euro for the first month of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Premium subscription (then 13 Euros per month). You can cancel at any time. If you buy for a euro, it is very cheap considering the offer. It’s not really completely free, but of course we don’t want to terminate the contract from you.

Ultimate Subscription gives you access to PC and console games. You will automatically receive the Xbox Live Gold member that requires Microsoft Online Multiplayer and exclusive discounts.

Are you looking for a quick break in between or a lunch break in the office? Lots of free browser games are waiting for you at our Netsweld Arcade!

Free games on other platforms

There are also free games on other sites! We list you in separate articles …

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