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Men and women, Tronista unloads Matteo Ilaria: "I do not share with anyone"

Men and women, Tronista unloads Matteo Ilaria: “I do not share with anyone”

In the men and women episode on Canale 5, Tronista Matteo joins Ilaria, who wants to continue meeting her co-worker Jolie.

In the chapter Men and women, Broadcast on Channel 5, Ida Platano She says she was very disappointed Marcello. The knight, captured for a moment by extreme exhaustion, fell asleep in his hotel room. Intervention of Maria de Philippi Reassures the woman shortly before the confrontation Armando Incarnado. Alas Tronista Matteo, Angrily Ilaria Who went out with Joel And not yet decided. In the end, Angela P.N. e Stefano Pastor They contradict each other and big words fly into the studio.

Men and Women: Matteo joins Ilaria

Chapter of Men and women The comparison between opens Ida Platano And the hero Marcello. She said she was very disgusted with the man’s behavior after spending the evening together and retreating to a hotel room to exchange some outings. Marcello He justified himself and promised Ida He reiterated that he was suffering from great fatigue due to his feelings and spending a long time without sleep. There PlatanoAlthough the hero’s arguments were credible, she declared that she was very disappointed. Receiving a lot of reviews, Marcello moved And was struck by the fact that Ida Can suspect him. Maria de Philippi Protects Marcello, Pointing out to Ida how unreasonable it is to blame him for the last shock.

After a dance, Armando Incarnado Takes the floor: “A woman who expresses so many beautiful thoughts to a man knows how much a guy did to meet her, and it doesn’t create a dynamic if she sleeps.” Words ArmandoAs expected, they create tension in the studio and there De Philippi Forced to defend and take the field Platano. The conflict is over, we go Classical Throne. The Tronista Matteo Led back to the exterior Ilaria, But he was very disappointed in her date too Joel. After the outing with the Romans, The De Philippi That communicates Ilaria Saha also reviewed.

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“I thought about it when I got home and was curious. But I don’t share anything with anyone. We think we’re two different people. She says Joel paid more attention to her … I’m not hugging right away. Yesterday I felt like I was lying to myself because it bit me, Explained Matteo. Tronista wanted to bring something new into the studio Attorney NoemiWho wrote to the editors, admitted to thinking of it. In the end, Matteo closes with Ilaria Who are the ones to impress Jole. We can go later Angela P.N. e Stefano Pastor. Two protagonists Trono Over They decided to get to know each other better but the situation worsened and accused the female knight of using her disrespectfully on an economic level as well.

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