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The multiplayer program for The Lost of Es is in progress

The multiplayer program for The Lost of Es is in progress

Finally, The Lost of Us continues with multiplayer. Vacancies for the project have already been advertised.

Naughty Dog offers an update to the multiplayer program Our last. Exactly two years ago, the studio confirmed that this method would be independent Our Last: Part 2 Appear. The project was quiet for a long time.

It continues with multiplayer

In a blog post on the annual “The Last of S” day Wrote Rochelle Snyder, the studio’s senior communications manager, said the project is still being worked on.

Shared fun is twice as fun.

“We see community feedback, many of you are screaming for multiplayer and wanting updates. For now, we want to form a team and give them time to develop their ambitious plan. We’ll reveal more, and when it’s done!”

“For this purpose, we have been diligently expanding our team since the release of The Last of S: Part 2 and are now in full swing to fill positions in the MB area,” he called on the community to join. Work page Looking around from the naughty dog. You may also know someone who knows someone.

“Cinema experience” requires staff

Associate Sports Director Vinith Agarwal said, “If you want to be a part of the cinematic experience between players in our new independent multiplayer action game you have to apply.

Two years ago, the multiplayer was removed from The Last of Us: Part 2 so that the team could fully focus on the campaign. Now it seems that there is finally enough resources for multiplayer mode. Vacancies for the project were released last month.

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There is new information about the TV series The Lost of Us – or rather insight. Here Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal appear in one for the first time Generic image Ellie and Joel. Neil Truckman, co-chairman of Naughty Dog, shared the picture on Twitter yesterday, saying, “And we can’t wait to show you (all of our plans).”

Note the plural. Multiplayer may be included here. We expect the long-awaited mode.