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The announcement of the next game "Soon" reveals the art director -

An internal nerd says that Microsoft will release its new episodic horror

Hideo Kojima May have signed an agreement with Microsoft For the release of his new game An episode of horror, Created to work with technology Cloud, According to the Soulshunt Insider.

Questioned Evidence Previous Stranger of Paradise: The Final Fantasy Origin was released before the square Enix was announced with significant accuracy in advance, which is a Internal There is always the possibility that these are considered credible, but apparently unconfirmed rumors.

According to the information in the tweet below, “Abandoned people have nothing to do with Kojima”, which is now very clear. But then he adds a question: “Kojima will sign a deal with Microsoft to release his episodic horror project (Stadia Game). Microsoft will not buy the studio. Sony has rejected this plan Because I don’t believe in episodic design. “

So this matter is based on a series of rumors that will be settled for some time and will be reconsidered in this new format: Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Hideo Kojima is working on a horror game, even though Google Stadia has previously denied that there are various internal headlines before closing development teams. Rejected one of his plans.

So the questionable horror game will focus on cloud technology, which is designed for Stadia, which is more suited to Microsoft’s cloud gaming Xbox Game Boss. On the other hand, the rumor that Kim Swift should be directly linked to support for cloud games, especially Hideo Kojima’s plan, will be linked to this.

However, this is information that should be taken with a grain of salt, however, Soulshunt itself did not believe much about the last sentence, nor did Sony refuse to release the project because it did not believe in the episodic form.

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