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Medium: Profitable blooper team game in just 24 hours

Medium: Profitable blooper team game in just 24 hours

With games like Layers of fear, Observer and Blair Witch, Blooper team Players who like horrible titles are already well aware of that, But still has a small Polish studio, it does not have the budget to build AAA. As the saying goes Medium is his biggest project to date, but it ended quickly.


As mentioned Blooper team In a press release issued in Polish Money, He has already made money at The Medium, with pre-orders and sales of the game allowing him to make a profit and complete lawsuits in just 24 hours, Growth and marketing budget included.

Came out January 28 sur PC et Xbox Series X | S, Middle with en scene Marianne, Has powers that allow the spirit to travel the world. Although Good standards, nothing more than that, The title has already won many players, Which, as a reminder, can be run via Xbox Game Boss, V Quarterly. 29.99.

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