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McCarray robbed the post office while unloading the money

McCarray robbed the post office while unloading the money

Information on data processing in accordance with Articles 13 and 23 of the Legislative Order n. 196/2003

We inform you according to art. 30 June 2003 Legislative Order 13, n. 196 (hereinafter referred to as the “Code for the Protection of Personal Data” code “Abbreviation”), the personal data provided by Fiumicino Online – will be collected at the Portal of Roman Beach PI / CF 06155431007. And Fumicino Online Recorded – as Data Controller – paper, electronic and / or computer and / or telematics supports, protected and processed to ensure security and confidentiality in accordance with the rules of the Code.

We assure you that the data provided will strictly serve as a tool for the purposes for which it is linked and to implement the service you may have requested and will allow you to participate in our efforts. This data can be stored for as long as needed to provide the service and manage similar requests in the future.

Your data may be brought to the attention of Fiumicino Online employees and collaborators and / or parents and / or related companies, their legal and tax advisors, in order to execute and manage the Service and any other legal obligations. .

We inform you that you can exercise the rights granted by Art. 7 and n of the following Legislative Order. 196/2003 (e.g., the rights to confirm the existence of data about you and their communication in an understandable form, the origin, purposes and treatment of the data, ” updating, modifying or consolidating data, canceling, converting anonymously or preventing illegal processing of personal data and Restriction of the right to object to its use, in whole or in part, by request without any formalities for the data.

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Cookie policy

Romanian Beach Portal – The following cookie policy should be inserted into all forms as an integral part of Fiumicino Online’s privacy policy. PI / CF 06155431007. It describes the different types and methods of cookies used by the site, as well as the process of deleting or blocking them permanently.

Cookies contain portions of the code sent to the browser (approximately all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies), which are stored on the user’s computer (or other navigation-enabled devices, for example smartphones or tablets) while browsing the web. Some purposes for establishing cookies may require the consent of the user.

Cookies used on this site:

  • Cookies required to go to the site using all features such as session, or session maintenance and access to restricted areas. They are absolutely necessary because without them the requested services cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect information used for business purposes. They will be automatically deleted when the browser closes at the end of the specified session.
  • The standard is stored on the system until they expire or are canceled by users / visitors. With these cookies, visitors to the site will be automatically recognized on each visit.
  • Analysis type. To improve site management, aggregate information about the number of users and the number of visits to the site (pages viewed, number of visits, time spent on the site, etc.). These cookies do not collect any kind of user identifiable information.
  • Function. They collect information to allow users to navigate through a series of criteria (e.g., language, products selected for purchase) to improve the service provided. The information collected by this type of cookie is retrieved anonymously.
  • Specific cookies include the authorization of cookies and their subsequent use by us, which is used to collect navigation data related to the user with the options revealed while browsing the web.
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These methods can be broken down into cookies:

  • The “first part” is when the website is directly managed by the owner and / or manager
  • “Third-party” when cookies are set and managed by managers unrelated to the website the user is visiting.

Third-party cookies used by this site:

  • The Google Analytics site contains Google Analytics’ third-party technology cookies, which are provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) is a web analytics service. These allow you to record and view information about the use of the website. These cookies allow you to obtain detailed technical information:
    1. User navigation path
    2. Number of pages visited,
    3. Time elapsed between clicks
    4. Log in to the assigned area
    5. Display of some sources

    These cookies track navigation paths, thus allowing the user to analyze the experience and improve its usability. The data associated with the user is analyzed, but the latter is never identified.

  • Google Adwords: These cookies are intended to serve as advertising space. These cookies are created by a third party (Google Inc.). Advertising cookies are used to deduct your browser “profile” and then propose advertising messages tailored to your interests on the web. Data collected in this sense, by these cookies, is anonymous and will not allow your identity to be traced.
  • Google Maps We use Google Maps to provide detailed information on how to locate our stores, and we hope this will contribute to your experience in using our site.
  • Cookies obtained from social networks are represented by buttons on the site that display social network icons (such as Facebook and Twitter) and allow users to access the selected social page by the site by “clicking”. The social plug-ins on the pages allow you to collect data related to the selected social network visit. With these buttons, third-party cookies are installed. However, no navigation information or user data obtained is exchanged with these social plug-ins.

How to prevent or eliminate them

Users can manage their cookie preferences directly in their browser so that it accepts / rejects all cookies or displays a warning, and whenever a cookie is proposed it can be evaluated whether or not it should be accepted. However, by setting a high security level, the user is enabled to change the default configuration (default) and disable cookies (ie permanently). It is important to note that by disabling all cookies, the functionality of this site may be compromised.