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"Mayor is champion, but blames police headquarters and prefecture" -

“Mayor is champion, but blames police headquarters and prefecture” –

When the mayor talks (more or less secretly) about the nightlife and meetings he has held in recent days with the businessmen of the history center (as usual, this administration seems to have only the center), a clarification is needed. The Public Safety Authority is, in the Italian legal system, a body that handles public order. The task of the Public Security Authority is therefore to guarantee the conditions of social peace, to prevent the factors that threaten it, and to remove existing obstacles.

The public security authority is divided into national, provincial and local levels. Powers of the Provincial Public Security Authority Prefect and officers responsible for public safety commissioners in Questor and other municipalities, or in case of failure, by the mayor as a government official, to whom the relevant rules are mandated by the local authorities.

The Border Police does not have the status of a commissioner in Domodosola, so by defaming the police headquarters, this ability belongs to the mayor, although the Border Police can carry out this task in certain cases. With regard to how to intervene in the nightlife event now that summer has returned and the recovery phase seems to have finally begun without restrictions and curfew orders, the mayor has tried to join hands as usual: portrays himself as a legitimate champion in favor of businessmen, but imposes all charges on the police headquarters and prefecture if there are any problems it’s ready.

What doesn’t really speak to you is that you have to do it yourself, i.e. a call to return to private security. A mayor must realize the need to strengthen the state’s presence by blocking social services and strengthening the police force.

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Why limit attention to the city center? If there are noises and disturbances for public peace in other areas, are they unfit to be followed by the municipal administration?

In short, even in city nightlife, we have seen the attention of the administration, which was reserved only for the Pentagon, return, as usual, with additional responsibility. One choice we are critical of is because Tomatosola on the civic list should be a city for everyone with rights and obligations throughout the municipality.

Civic list city for everyone

Candidate for mayor Antonio Ciurlio