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macOS 12 Montessori: Apple emits PHP

macOS 12 Montessori: Apple emits PHP

MacOS 12 Monterey will be delivered without PHP: In the first beta of the scheduled operating system update in the fall, the script language is missing, with developers reporting access to a pre-release version Apple’s Monterey beta release specifications have not yet listed the change.

At the in-developer forum, an employee in charge of developer tools only briefly explained when he heard that PHP had been removed in MacOS 12. No further information was provided.

MacOS and Mac OS X 10.0.0 to MacOS 11 Big Sur is part of the PHP operating system. However, Apple warns that PHP is already included only to ensure “compatibility with outdated software”. PHP will be removed by the “future version” of the operating system, making it now known as MacOS 12.

MacOS currently has an outdated PHP version 7.3.24 instead of the current version 8. To set up a web development environment, a newer version of the scripting language can be brought to Mac using common methods, such as Homebrew or MacBoards.

At the WWDC 2019 Developer Conference, Apple already announced that it would avoid pre-installing multiple scripting languages ​​in the future – which have since been listed as “obsolete”. At that time Ruby, Python and Pearl were mentioned by name, but not PHP. Since then, Apple has recommended that developers provide the required operating time environment with the respective program instead of believing that it is included in the operating system. The manufacturer claims that this avoids problems. However, in many cases, the old software should no longer be replaced.

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More from Mac & I.

More from Mac & I.

More from Mac & I.

For a long time, Apple promoted built-in Unix tools from MacOS as a particular benefit of the site. The developers said at the time that it was “a great philosophical thing” to provide and maintain the quality of script languages.

The new version 12 of the Mac operating system is called Magos Montessori.


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