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Exoplanet "can" see Earth from 1,715 stars

Exoplanet “can” see Earth from 1,715 stars

Life on earth is known to others

The work of Caldenegger and Fahrdi suggests that evidence of our life on Earth could be found by extraterrestrial civilizations. The audience has astronomical instruments that are comparable to or better than us. Aliens can use the same methods as astronomers on Earth. One way to find alien worlds, for example, is to look for signs that galaxies are crossing the orbit of a star. Using this method the Earth can be detected from other foreign planes as well.

The changed perspective was explored

The area where nearby stars can cross the sun and “see” the earth has already been explored. But previous studies have failed to take into account the fact that views change over time. Using the Kia database of nearby astronomical objects within about 300 light-years of the Sun, Caldenegger and Fahrdi explored how this perspective has changed over time.

75 stars can “receive” our radio waves

Astronomers have determined that 1,715 stars are in the correct position to “see” the Earth from the development of early human civilization about 5,000 years ago. In addition, another 319 stars will end up in such a position over the next 31 years. In addition, 75 stars less than 100 light-years away are close enough to receive man-made radio waves within their range.

The seven stars are called exoplanet hosts