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Maturity 2021: Self-declaration to download for the exam

Maturity 2021: Self-declaration to download for the exam

Maturity 2021

Maturity 2021, Self-declaration on health status –
Source: istock

The Maturity 2021 It is almost in the initial modules. Students are currently busy with their last hour lessons: school closes today in most Italian regions, while Calabria, Buglia and Sardinia students finish the school year 10 to 12 (here you can access the full list Last days of school 2021).

MATURITY 2021, Security Protocol

As happened in 2020, the Ministry of Education has signed a protocol for the safe completion of high school diplomas by 2021. The protocol confirms the rules adopted last year and introduces an important innovation: this year social masks are banned, FFP2 is not recommended for use and only masks that can be used are surgical.

Unlike previous maturity, members Brokerage, Candidates and accompanying students are required to sign a self-declaration regarding their health. As indicated in the current school year safety protocol, in fact:

“SThe security measures provided for in the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding have been confirmed 2020 e The link is in the technical-scientific document and, therefore, applies to the exams as well State results for 1st and 2nd grade high school a.S. 2020/2021, Except Any update of the self-declaration model Should basically be carried out Symptoms from competent health officials e Except The type of masks to accept, it shouldOr be of the surgical type. “

Self-declaration of maturity

However, there is no self-declaration to download on the website of the Ministry of Education dedicated to state exams. We do not know if this will be released soon, but for security reasons we advise you to download one that is valid for 2020:

Ask in the speaker.

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