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"Matteo Salvini is a liar" for Jet Set Radio composer -

“Matteo Salvini is a liar” for Jet Set Radio composer –

Politics and video games often collide and interfere. Today it happened again. Hidegi Naganuma, Known as the composer of Jet Set Radio, has expressed his opinion on Italian politician Matteo Salvini without any certainty. His words quoting Naganuma directly:Matteo Salvini is a liar. Arguing with him is useless. ”

The Comment It didn’t come out of nowhere. As you can see below, Nagamuna was asked if he could beat Tony Blair in a match. To which the composer responded that Blair was much weaker than Super Mario. “Fighting with him is useless.” Following this MarkUnreadSFM’s comment he asked Nagamuna if he thought of defeating Salvini in a fight.

This kind of fan interaction is nothing new to Naganuma. Composer of course “Above the lines“, Especially on Twitter, and often” plays “by posting ridiculous and provocative comments against real people and fictional characters with the sole purpose of pleasing his 200 thousand followers.

Salvini is not very lucky on social media, the politician has tried many times on Dictok, but users are turning against him.

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