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Mass Effect Legendary Version: Lots of content now available |  Xbox One

Mass Effect Legendary Version: Lots of content now available | Xbox One

Just days before the release of the Mass Effect Legendary edition, a redesigned collection combining the three original license titles offers a lot of content for electronic arts players. You can now download previously available content from the deluxe versions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, as well as the soundtrack of the Mass Effect trilogy.

The publisher also offers fans the opportunity to download a customized card for the game, especially by selecting their favorite comrades. 4K wallpaper is also available. If you feel like it and want your own “box art”, go straight for it This address. Note that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available on May 14th.

Details of downloadable content:

  • 88 Famous Songs
  • 2 Digital Art Books
  • 2 Digital Comics
  • Digital lithograph of Normandy

> Download free content

Mass Effect: In anticipation of the immediate release of the Legendary Edition, Bioware has released a number of fun content for fans, including Mass Effect soundtrack, a unique custom key art creation experience and bonus Mass Effect content for free download.

Bioware has created a web experience that allows players to customize their own core art from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. New Shepherds and players can create their own personalized core art to share their teammates, determination, and even character location with friends or social media. They can generate one of billions of possible permutations using a random generator. Images can then be uploaded in many formats, including 4K and a card format for gamers who want to customize their body copies!

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For fans looking for a typical Space Age rhythm to pilot to run Normandy, Bioware has compiled a long 88-song video with tracks from all three games in the trilogy, including three custom artworks. It also includes the song “Resinthesis” which is exclusive to the Purana version.

Finally, BioWear has released a significant amount of bonus content previously available on the deluxe versions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, which fans can now download for free. This content contains 88 pieces from the trilogy, including “Resinthesis”, 2 digital art books, 2 digital comics and a digital lithograph from Normandy.