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Source : Google

Device with version 1.0 of Google OS detected

On the Bluetooth SIG site, the product sheet, Google Home Hub, indicates that it runs under Fuchsia 1.0. Many explanations are possible.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Created OS Google, Fuchsia, Seems closer to deployment than you think. By February, we already knew he was starting to achieve much more advanced growth, Because it started testing internally, Probably to check for flaws and errors. Here it reappears on the site of the Bluetooth SIG system, which is responsible for establishing the quality of the same name, and please in version 1.0. The file for the new product, called Google Home Hub, refers to “Fuchsia 1.0”.

Strange fact: The product in question is called Google Home Hub, its name Google Nest Hub, Released in 2018, before being renamed. Let’s also note that this is not the case Tested 2nd generation nest hub In our columns at the end of March.

Note that this appearance of version 1.0 does not mean that Google OS is to be used. 1.0 can be a simple one «Allocation For example. It could also be the future branch of the project called M1. The A version called F1 dedicated to developers, Not too far from the exit.

Also, this is not the first time a product running under Fuchsia has pointed the tip of its nose to a Bluetooth SIG. Last year, a device with the mysterious name “Sapphire” appeared on the organization’s website.

But what is fuchsia anyway?

Since August 2016, Google has been developing an OS based on a micro kernel, so it promises to be lightweight and fast. This OS is to be launched on low power devices such as connected watches, smartphones or computers.

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Fuchsia was initially created mostly open source, and since 2018, Google has decided to turn off the pipeline and continue to build its new OS locally. This does not prevent some bit information from leaking out from time to time.

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