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Marshall Motif ANC test: Our full review - Headphones and Earphones

Marshall Motif ANC test: Our full review – Headphones and Earphones

Marshall, an expert in loudspeakers and speakers, continues his journey into the world of portable hi-fi with Marshall Motif ANC headphones. Highly compact, these TWS headphones promise powerful and powerful sound, close to live conditions. The truth is different, but not disappointing. Descriptions.

Marshall Motif ANC

Source: Tristan Jacqueline for Frontroid

Marshall Motif ANC latest Wireless earphones American manufacturer, and sitting on top of it Real wireless game. Very different from Marshall Minor III As we have just tested, the Marshall Motif ANC is in-ear, fitted with double-sized transceivers and offers Active Surrounding Noise Reduction (ANC).

Marshall Motif ANCTechnical Sheet

8 / 10

Marshall Motif ANC

The experiment was conducted with headphones borrowed by Marshall.

Marshall Motif ANCDesign

Marshall Motif ANC headphones differ in their ultra-compact size. Their visual identity is reminiscent of Marshall’s acoustic electronics, composite and grain black coatings. Bark shallow, but elongate, elongated with short stalks. The touch control area is covered with the brand’s white logo.

Surprisingly compact and excellent wear facility

The earphones are easily compatible with the ear canal and behind the ear and are very intuitive. Three pairs of tips are provided for this purpose. Comfort and stability are above reproach. You can move your head quickly, walk and run without feeling the slightest discomfort. It is flawless.

Marshall Modic ANC is actually quite compact

Marshall Motik ANC is actually quite compact // Source: Tristan Jacqueline for Frontroid

Exotic hue leather case

The storage and charging box is a horizontal over-opening model. The cover is held in place by a magnetic system. The front panel has a control button to connect or reset the headphones, as well as an LED that provides information about the status of the box (charging, pairing).

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC Charging Unit PVC coating with an attractive leather look // Source: Tristan Jacquel

The Marshall Motif ANC earphone box must be placed on its back to recharge via its USB-C port or via the Qi Wireless Charger.

Marshall Motif ANCApplication and application

Activation of Marshall Motif ANC headphones is routine. Thanks to the protocol, they automatically notify themselves to the nearest Android smartphone Google Fast Couple. With an iPhone or computer, you usually have to go and find the headphones yourself. Please note, two Bluetooth profiles are visible, one with the suffix “LE”. It is used to manage headphones with the Marshall Bluetooth processor. The other is used for listening to music. If you do not use the app, it is in profile “Motif ANC” You need to connect first.

Touch control zones are very pleasant to use, especially since the headphones are securely attached to the ears.

Use half a fig, half a grape

Disappointment at Marshall’s proposed app to manage Motif ANC headphones. Sometimes headphones are in use but he can’t find them. This may be due to the fact that the headphones are announced under two separate profiles, one for audio connection and the other for their management (Marshall ANC LE Peripheral). Is the LE profile of the headphones experiencing random malfunctions? Restarting the headphones fixes this issue, which I encountered on Android and iOS.

After overcoming this drawback, the app works fine. However, its ergonomics are not such a model, and Marshall has limited the possibilities of customization of the equation – however useful to my taste if not necessary. Additionally, some touch controls cannot be changed, especially for reading and managing calls. To access noise control, balance profiles or the voice assistant of a smartphone, you can only configure long pressures on each earpiece. Note that contact sounds can be turned off.

Unlike application specification, a custom EQ profile cannot be created. Only pre-installed profiles can be activated. In absolute terms, the best correction possibilities seem limited, as there are only five balance keys from 160 Hz to 6250 Hz. At a minimum, users should be allowed to play with frequencies of 30 to 100 Hz per pass and more than 8 kHz per treble.

Finally, Marshall Bluetooth application allows you to adjust the active noise reduction level from 0 to 100%, as well as the intensity of the transparency mode.

Bluetooth connection

Marshall Motif is standard for ANC audio transmission, except for issues with connecting the app to headphones. With my two test smartphones, I was able to listen to my playlists without interruption, almost 10 meters away and through a tree. No problem spreading in the middle of the crowd.

Marshall Motif ANCActive noise reduction

Surprisingly, the Active Noise Reduction (ANC) of Marshall Motif ANC earphones works well. However, it should be noted that passive backup is already excellent, one of the best I have ever experienced. When the ANC comes into operation, the loud noise is well reduced and no engine or road noise can be heard in the car in the city. On the motorway, the ANC is efficient and provides appropriate listening facilities. The same care on the edge of a boulevard in an emergency. As for the transparency mode, it mixes with the surrounding noise listening music, providing an understandable sound.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC’s wearability is excellent // Source: Tristan Jacqueline for Frontroid

Marshall Motif ANC is very valid.

Marshall Motif ANCAudio

Marshall Motif ANC headphones are small attached Dynamic transmitters 6mm, compatible with Bluetooth 5.2 receiver Codecs SBC and AAC.

Configuration for testing

I asked Marshall Motif ANC iPhone 13 Pro Max, A Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G And one MacBook Air M1, From Apple Music to Bluetooth AAC (Lossless). The results requested will be the same from device to device.

Sound signature

Marshall promised “The noise of the pit”, Or powerful, brutal sound signature. The truth is quite different: Marshall Motif ANC headphones make a fashionable, expressive sound in the midrange, which brings a lot of freshness and tone. Overall, the recovery is lively and full of details.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC Headphones // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

However, with the default EQ profile (Marshall), The sound signature is particularly high, the upper midrange and treble are significant, thus harming the bass. You will soon get a feeling of imbalance, which can make you tired of listening for a long time.

However, enable the balance profile “Hip Hop” By strengthening the low midrange and low record (between at least 100 Hz and 60 Hz), it is possible to place objects in their place. Thus, we get a pleasant balance, without any prejudice to the famous marshal sound.

  • Severe: Lack of volume and extension with default profile. In mode “Hip Hop”, The condition is satisfactory, the extension is very acceptable. Being in the upper bass strengthens a tactile impact. Unstable skills are fine and nothing lags behind.
  • Midrange: Slightly backward lag is favorable for the view of the midrange frequency register, which is fine and fluid. The transceivers provide no mechanical color and the voices are not affected by the whistling. The transparency of this record can be appreciated.
  • Treble: High power at high frequencies, peaking at the top of the record, clearly audible, which brings light to the signature without distorting the timbers.

The signature is formed slightly when the noise reduction (ANC) is activated: the higher the bass the heavier the load, even the midrange slightly. However, the signature does not fundamentally change, it is good.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC headphones provide a vibrant and vibrant sound // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frontroid

On the other hand, with ANC, the grid is a little sad, especially in high bass, and the stereo image is disturbed. Nothing bad, but sharp ears can complain. The truth is, on the street, we didn’t notice it.

Sound level

It is only through the specialization of Motif ANC headphones that we can better identify marshal sounds. The soundstage is large in width but shallow, giving a sense of strong proximity to instruments and voices. However, the structure of the sound schemes is intense and loyal to the composition of the music being played. The performance of the ANC undermines this image somewhat.

Dynamic behavior

This may be the main feature of Marshall Motif ANC headphones: their stand-alone capabilities stand out. Except that large dynamic differences are highlighted, these are, above all, refined variations of the transmitted sound signal with a certain accuracy. For example, the destruction of notes (instruments, voices) often surprised me. This excellent unstable rule serves human voices, making it easier to follow the background songs or singers of a title.

Marshall Motif ANCMicro

The quality of the calls is decent, though sad that the signature that arises when listening to music does not bring a predictable light to the speaker’s voice. Also, you have to press the volume very clearly to fully understand it. On the other hand, we understand better.

Marshall Motif ANCAutonomy

Marshall declares 6 hours of autonomy with ANC at 4:30 and without. I measured 4 hours and dust with ANC and balance “Hip Hop” Active, then 5:15 am without ANC and active balance, all 50% of the size of my smartphone. The hip-hop balancing profile reinforces low frequencies and accidentally increases the consumption of the on-board amplifier, the autonomy declared by Marshall without balancing is valid.

Marshall Motif ANC

Marshall Motif ANC Headphones Offer Better Battery Life // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frontroid

The charging case pays three extra for the headphones and takes about 2.5 hours to refuel the headphones. In order to regain an hour of autonomy, charging will be faster in the first quarter of an hour. Finally, it takes about three hours to fully charge the case via its USB-C port. Case compatible with induction charging.

Marshall Motif ANCPricing and release date

Marshall Motif ANC headphones are available in black for € 199 including tax.

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