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Mars rover "diligence" helicopter takes a selfie with "ingenuity"

Mars rover “diligence” helicopter takes a selfie with “ingenuity”

Washington. Taking selfies in special places is not just for people: On Mars, NASA rover “diligence” mini helicopter took a photo of itself with “ingenuity”. The US space agency released the photo on Wednesday (local time) and wrote that “diligence” took it with its robotic hand, but it was actually made up of 62 unique images. Next to the rover at the front of the picture, you can see the small helicopter “Ingenuity” four meters away from the vehicle, and its first flight is scheduled to arrive on the Red Planet in the coming days.

The 1.8-kilogram “ingenuity” (German: பு முதல் முதல் முதல் முதல்) is about to rise to an altitude of about three meters on its first test flight, orbit for thirty seconds and land on the surface of Mars again. This will be the first flight of an aircraft on another planet. The “ingenuity” of lithium-ion batteries could make several more flight attempts a month.

“Perseverance” will explore Mars for two years

The helicopter will have to overcome extreme conditions on its flights: Mars will be cold at night up to minus 90 degrees Celsius, the planet’s gravitational pull will be low and the atmosphere will be very thin. The mini-helicopter landed in the belly of “perseverance” at the end of February – after 203 days of flight and 472 million kilometers of travel – on a dry Mars lake with a dangerous maneuver known as the “Jesero crater”. “Perseverance” means exploring this lake, which is about 45 kilometers in diameter, over the next two years.

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