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Maritime Surveillance Abandons 403 Illegal Immigrants: With Government Recognition

Posallo, October 22 – This is a repeat Posallo The port should watch NGO ships loaded with illegal immigrants land. The announcement was made on social media a few minutes ago Marine Surveillance Italy With one Twitter Happy on Twitter: “Italian authorities have assigned the port of Posallo to Sea Watch 3“.The boat for illegal immigrants has been circling Sicily for a few days, this time it is located between the north coast and the Aeolian Islands, crossing the Messina Strait to the east and heading south tomorrow.

Sea Watch comes with 403 illegal immigrants in the port of Poseidon

People 403 people are on board, A new heavy burden on the whole system of glorious hospitality, especially in times of epidemics, and in times of re-emergence of the event affecting Sicily. Ten landings have been reported in Calabria, In just 24 hours, sent the system to a wall spin (recent visits to Rosella were in beer at night) and then back to Chalendo and Sardinia, a destination that is not easy to reach is more than skeptical of these illegal immigrants’ methods of travel.

More than 50,000 people have landed since January 1st

Financial statements from January 1, 2021 to date: 50,879 immigrants landed (and 403 of Sea Surveillance 3 will be added tomorrow, of course), of which 380 were yesterday. This 14 thousand Tunisians, More than 6,000 Bangladeshis and 5,000 Egyptians. As expected, there has been no intervention such as redistribution and / or repatriation from Europe, not everyone has been quiet, while the landing continues despite the weather conditions.

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