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Maricio Merlusso Twitch - Nert 4. Will be live with us with Life

Maricio Merlusso Twitch – Nert 4. Will be live with us with Life

New unacceptable encounter with Double play, Our special event is dedicated to the world of dubbing and its surroundings. Starting on the 21st we will be live Traction With a very special guest, viz Maricio Merlusso. Aside from being a popular face on the web, Mauricio is also known for his voice, which he has credited to dozens of iconic characters from cinema, television and video games.

Do you want some names? This is Turlow Conway Ready Player One, Max Carver in Hollow: Forward and Dawn, Jacob Fry in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm in James in the Last of S2

Let’s talk a little bit about everything about him, from dubbing him up to YouTube, to his personal life and his apparent interest in fitness. By creating him you can definitely connect with us and Marricio Questions Twitch chat during the broadcast. Alternatively you can comment on this message, so be sure to read on.

Subscribe We remind you The official telegraph team of You will find many fans like you in this group chatting after the broadcast. During the dual game, in fact, the chat will be closed to allow you to send voice messages: We recommend voice and voice tone: you do not want to distort in front of an expert!

You can follow it Streaming Within this message, in a special box or directly ours canale TwitchYou can use the official app on iOS and Android.

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