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Tombino versa acqua fognaria e scarica a mare: “Situazione insostenibile ancora nel 2021” – VIDEO

Manhole drains and discharges into the sea: “still unsustainable situation in 2021”

Syracuse –Situation Unstable Yet in 2021 it will be mixed in the ocean. And it’s not a question of a day or two, but years and years. ”This is a content Report Retrieved by our editorial staff from a reporting user Having a manhole written “sewer”, Which pours sewage water into the sea. The affected area is located in Arinella (Syracuse)

Before time The Situation It would have been Reported To qualified officers and through works undertaken by the Syracuse Port Authority The problem seemed to be solved. In fact, in that situation, they were Started Immediately I Jobs Per Eliminate the problem The other 5 underground manholes have been quietly uninterrupted for many years. However This manhole, Slightly further away than the other 5 in Beassell Arenella It is very hidden but very close to the sea.

Further,”The manhole is in the situation Danger to circulation and safety of the citizen It sank itself, the iron plate tilted, and dangerously stretched beyond the surface of the road.“.

Makes the slope of the area Flows directly into the sea, As is well known, it flows into the waters of a stream near the coast of Arionatica“, They explain in the statement.

I continued again Report the incident to competent organizations and authorities. The story is really of interest to everyone and judging it contributes to our respect for the sea, the beach and the laws and nature.“, He concludes.

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