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Man loses $ 220 million, he forgot his wallet password -

Man loses $ 220 million, he forgot his wallet password –

I Bitcoin They may be a great investment, but you need to protect your digital currency. Well, not very safe. For example, a man has lost access $ 220 million In Bitcoin he forgot about it Password His wallet.

We are talking about Stephen Thomas, 33, a software developer who could not remember his password Iron key, Which includes the Bitcoins group it acquired in 2011. Iron Key is a USB stick created by Kingston technology encrypted with AES. The USB drive only allows you to enter the password ten times: if you make a mistake ten times, the USB will erase all its contents.

Stephen was interviewed New York Times He further said in translation: “I will lie in bed and think about it: then I will go to the computer with some new strategies, it did not work, I will be frustrated again. This is really a big milestone in my future life. It is not about being.

It’s not uncommon for people to forget the passwords of their devices or accounts, but this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to $ 220 million in Bitcoin. Tell me, what is the worst situation caused by forgetting password?

If you want to mine Bitcoin, maybe using a Commodore 64 is not worth it: mine would take 50 trillion years to build.

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