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Man can't stop playing when his house catches fire -

Man can’t stop playing when his house catches fire –

A man from Soest, Germany, went To play Did not back down with him PlayStation Even when his home is almost there Caught fire There was a haze of smoke around him. So firefighters found him, alerted by a neighbor, and one of their representatives reported.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation model used is not specified and the capture game does not specify the risk to the victim’s life. The person appears to have caught fire in a pot while cooking some bolognese sauce. Apparently, she put it in the oven and forgot about it because it was completely immersed. Sports.

When firefighters entered the house, wearing respirators and all safety equipment to protect themselves, the smoke had already greatly reduced vision, but our player did not regret seeing it. He drowned not only in the smoke but also in the system Fire alarm And the arrival of firefighters (can he play with headphones?)

The man was then taken out of the house, fortunately unharmed. It is difficult to say whether there is fear or not because the situation is not known to the last. It is a pity that he destroyed some bolognese sauce, it is a real crime.

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