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FIFA 21 Title Update 6 is now available for download on Xbox and PlayStation

FIFA 21 Title Update 6 is now available for download on Xbox and PlayStation

The latest headline update for FIFA 21 is now live on the Xbox and PlayStation 4, with changes to the AI ​​modules and stepovers coming to the console.

The latest major title update for FIFA 21 is called Title Update 6. The update is approximately 3GB in size for both the Xbox and PlayStation, and includes a number of changes, including how the AI ​​will block the ball when trying to block a shot, which has given the FIFA playing community a voice in the past.

Stepovers are also addressed in the latest title update for FIFA 21, and specifically the speed at which players exit after completing a stepover. EA SPORTS confirms in a recent update that it slows down the exit speed after a successful stepover or stepovers while in operation.

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The latest update includes other features and other major changes to the gameplay system within FIFA 21, including Game Play, Ultimate Team, Carrier Mode, Pro Clubs, Volta Football, FIFA Online and Audio, Visual Improvements.

Here are the full confirmed patch specifications for the FIFA 21 title update 6, which is now live on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

FIFA 21 Title Update 6 now lives on Xbox and PlayStation

The latest title update for FIFA 21 (title update 6) is now available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Origin / Steam).


Made the following changes:

  • The AI ​​team reduced the distance the players could reach while trying to block the ball.
  • This change only applies in situations where the ball carrier takes a shot.
  • Improved interception logic in situations where the defender is directly in the path of the ball.
  • This change only applies to situations where the ball carrier crosses the ball.
  • The exit speed is reduced after a successful stepover or stepovers while in motion.
  • Increased the distance a ball can travel after being deflected by the goalkeeper’s hands.
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Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, bodyguards can stretch their legs more than intended while performing a blocking animation.
  • Sometimes, shoulder challenges and seal outs can cause unexpected player movement for the defensive player.
  • Switching the manual player with the mouse does not work when using the keyboard and mouse controls.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • After requesting a reward from the Social tab on the Objectives screen, the player is taken to the Season Progress tab instead of the Social tab.
  • In the Club tab of the Squad screen, the alternate list display action does not work when the Tag Me There widget is on the screen.
  • The FUT Champions logo that is displayed during restarts is sometimes smaller at each restart.
  • When fitted, the Icelandic anthem item was not played during pre-match shots.
  • The Tag Me Ther widget will continue on screen in a rare event.
  • After scoring a goal in a single player drop, the player’s player object is not displayed on the pitch during the next kick off.
  • Action Run Player Celebration Item is incorrectly listed as de Rex.
  • FUT said there was a potential stability issue when entering the store.

Title Update 6 is now live for FIFA 21 on all platforms

Professional system

Addressed the following issues:

  • Negotiation scenes show identical and misleading managers for both teams.
  • During a match, the table analysis scoreboard UI element will display incorrect data.
  • During negotiation scenes, player agents sometimes wear the wrong club badge.
  • In player life, the statistics played by Virtual Pro matches were not properly tracked when the matches were partially simulated, and were removed from the Virtual Pro match before the simulation took place.
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Volta Football

Addressed the following issues:

  • In some cases, playing Pro clubs before attempting to play Volta Football can cause the error message “Could not set match”.
  • Drop-in Volta Squads lobbies were not properly disbanded after the minimum number of players was reduced.
  • In some cases, the post-match event progression screen will mistakenly say that there were two captains on the same team instead of one.
  • A rare consistency issue can occur when accepting a FIFA online friendly match invitation while Volta is in football.
  • VOLTA SQUADS Stability issue may occur during placement competitions.

FIFA Online

Made the following changes:

  • During the online season and co-op seasons, FIFA attributes now use the default setting, which was previously only available for kick-off matches, meaning the game attributes are modified based on each player’s status.
    • Attackers (forward and wingers)
      • Acceleration +6, sprint speed +4
      • Positioning +10, Finishing +8, Shot Power +4, Long Shots +6, Wallis +4
      • Agility +4, Balance +2, Reactions +4, Drops +4, Composition +4
    • Midfielders (central, offensive, wide)
      • Acceleration +6, sprint speed +4, stabilization +8
      • Vision +10, Crossing +2, Short Passing +8, Long Passing +6
      • Agility +4, reaction +4, drops +4, compound +4
    • Defenders and defensive midfielders
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed ​​+4, Aggression +2
      • Vision +2, short pass +4, long pass +2, reactions +4, compound +4
      • Interruptions +8, Defensive Awareness +10, Stand Tackle +8, Slide Tackle +4
    • Goalkeepers
      • Diving +6, Manipulation +4, GK Kicking +4, Reflex +6, GK Stabilization +4, Reactions +6
  • In online friendly lobbies, players can now choose to run the default FIFA attributes.
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Pro Clubs

Addressed the following issues:

  • Changing game plans as the captain of the drop-in competition may cause other players to misalign their positions.

General, visual and audio

Made the following changes:

  • Many 2D player portraits, tools, badges and stadiums have been updated.
  • 1 Manager Starhead Updated.
    • It is only available following a server release. For updates on when the game will be live, please contact EA. Follow Sports FIFA Tracker.

Addressed the following issue:

  • In a rare situation, a stage announcer was cut off by the commentary team.

FIFA 21 is now available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and the next generation version will be released on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 on December 4, 2020.

Additionally, fans jumping on FIFA 21 can benefit from dual rights, and they can upgrade the game copy from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 and up to the Xbox One Xbox Series X / S at no extra cost.