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macOS Monterey Beta 2: All News

macOS Monterey Beta 2: All News

Last week Apple released the second beta for iOS 15, iPados 15 and more – the second beta for MacOS Monterey continued tonight. Many users are waiting for the availability of some of the announced functionality – unfortunately at this point we have to deceive them.

For example, Apple announced Universal Control in WWDC, which allows you to control various nearby Apple devices with a mouse and keyboard. Functionality is completely missing in the first version, which unfortunately applies to the second beta as well.

At least SharePlay functionality is now on board, which Apple last week released on iOS, iPadOS and Co. Submitted to. In addition, according to the release notes, some bugs and improvements were made in the following areas: Bluetooth, Mail, News, Maps, FaceTime, Where ?, Focus, iCloud, Music, Network, Notes, Shortcuts, Photos and Safari.

The iCloud relay has also been expanded. In the settings you can now choose which areas and time zones you want to go to.

New backgrounds in Monterey Beta 2

This is good news for anyone who does not own an iMac 4K M1. New backgrounds are now available to all users. Do you want to use it now without installing Montessori? Then we have Here is a tip For you.

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