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Beta has a date and trailer open on PC via Legends, Epic Games Store - Nert 4. Life

Legend closes its doors, October 31 – Servers close on

Magic: Myths Didn’t create it: Cryptic Studios decided Close the doors In a few months of the game, I announce Server They will be shut down on October 31st. In short, the title never goes out of beta.

Magic: Legends ‘open beta launched in March with a movie trailer that failed to grab users’ attention, prompting the development team to make this difficult decision and abandon the project.

“Thanks to the beach guides we were able to bring in a wide range of multiverses Magic: Collecting Explore new perspectives on a wider audience within an established genre, such as Action RPGs, ”wrote executive producer Stephen Ricosa.

“We learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way and we can treasure them to enhance the next Cryptic Studios products.” The company currently has deals with Champions Online, Star Trek Online and Neverwinder.

Magic: The Legends in-game store will close immediately and users who make a purchase will receive a full refund, while still being able to purchase items using the virtual currency.

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