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Balotagio Paulo, Democrats 'Drop' Pattusi and Open to Venturelli - Politics

Balotagio Paulo, Democrats ‘Drop’ Pattusi and Open to Venturelli – Politics

Secretary Pd Fava: ‘David Venturelli’s civic plan in Paulo lands deserves careful consideration’

With yesterday’s vote, a new situation is emerging at the national level, the Democratic Party is regaining consensus and the candidates of the major cities have been confirmed ‘. Modenese Secretary Pd Davide Fava comments on the results of yesterday’s election.
Do not underestimate the strong deviation that ‘seeks a writer’ now represents to a voter who does not find attractive proposals in the general political framework and refers to the main purpose of any force that wants to stand as a candidate to create a new political framework. On the right, the failure of a sovereign policy that blinks the eyes of old and new extremists is certified, and all the new internal balances of the League must be defined. As for Modena, our candidates Palagano and Fabio Broglia voted with a large majority, and in Cestola, Fabio Magnani holds the municipality despite dangerous divisions in the center-left camp before the vote. Pd is again in a tough competition in Montefiorino, getting remarkable results. The work of the Federico Temple in Soka was very important because he immediately missed the election in an election contest that appeared upwards.

In Paulo, on the other hand, voters did not believe the proposal represented by Graziano Badusi, who did not enter the polls. In that region, our proposal was seen as a result of internal balance rather than an attempt to adjust the social structure. In the Paulo landscape, David Venturelli’s civic plan deserves careful consideration – Fawa concludes -. Finally, Finale Emilia’s decision was excellent, and our candidate’s experience and seriousness, a negative perspective on the understanding and outgoing management of a perspective plan focused on the finale company opens up an interesting perspective for Marco Boleti. Overall, the two former center-left administrations previously received the votes of six municipalities, the Soka of FDI. In two weeks we will be able to make definite decisions. ‘

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La Pressa editorial staff

La Pressa editorial staff

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