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MacBook repair has been facilitated by data theft at one of Apple's assemblies

MacBook repair has been facilitated by data theft at one of Apple’s assemblies

There are times when crimes are not paid for, but benefit in greater numbers. Taiwanese Quanta to assemble Apple MacBooks in late April The plans of the machines were stolen – The Maps In Linko. The Habits demanded $ 50 million worth of cryptocurrency or threatened to disclose everything if Apple or Quanta did not pay by May 1.
The date has passed, no one has given and the documents have been left in the wild. But if rumors about plans for future machines speak, the truth is, these documents only relate to current machines.

Information that does not have large strategic stakes, therefore, with the greatest value to a particular population: repairmen. In a long article, Wise Talked to repairers, its business is very legal. Their reaction is summed up by one of them: “ Our businesses depend on these types of leaks Louis Roseman, owner of the Roseman Repair Team, which specializes in high-tech repairs to motherboards, responded. Adding documents that are now in nature ” Help me to recover data from someone .

Opposed the right to compensationApple has been campaigning in several US states against such proposed laws – The company only documents and authorizes certain types of transactions. Even by addressing himself directly, there is no chance to go beyond.

“You can not go to Apple and tell them.”To recover my data, I give 000 800,000” “, Explained Wise Louis Roseman. An SSD drive is integrated into the motherboard (solder chips) and A D2 chip It encrypts everything on the fly, accepting the permanent loss of its data if there is any serious problem with the latest MacBook disk.

Of interest to the leaked projects is the fact that the components are outlined and the relationships between the components are explained. This speeds up reverse engineering, which can sometimes take years without this information.
Instead of revealing the secrets of the machines – it is only a question of logical connections between the components, not revealing how they work and / or being manufactured – MacBooks’ detailed plans that are currently being exchanged under clothing will open the door to further repair. Professionals can provide the desired functions with the help of Apple. A music agent, he did not want to answer questions from our colleagues about his position on the theft of his data.

Source : Vice (motherboard)