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Xbox One and Xbox Series X |  S |  Download the Mass Effect Legendary Edition now for Xbox One

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S | Download the Mass Effect Legendary Edition now for Xbox One

Planning to buy the Mass Effect Legendary version and want to play it once it is released without waiting for the game to be installed or updated? If you plan to run it on May 14th despite the low internet speed, you can enjoy it on D-Day by downloading it in advance.

How To Download Mass Effect Legendary Edition Now

With the new Xbox mobile app, you can download any game from the Microsoft Store to your console.

So, if you decide to buy a game that will come out in the next few days, you do not have to wait to download or install the title. Gamers who primarily purchase games from the Microsoft Store can pre-load pre-ordered games, while those who purchase the physics version of the game can download the game and its updates ahead of time.

  • Download the Xbox app

To download any game in advance, you will need the new Xbox application on your mobile. You can download the Xbox app Android Or iOS. Once downloaded, sign in to your Xbox account.

  • Set up the Xbox console in the app

To download the game directly from your mobile to your console, you need to configure your console. To do this, click the icon to the left of the notification bell and follow the different steps.

  • Find the game in the Microsoft Store

Once your console is activated in the app, under the search magnifying glass and the entry bar, click on Games. Type “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” to find the game.

  • Download the game from the app
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Click “Download to console”. The download will start on your console if the console starts immediately or the next time it runs.