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Lunar Eclipse on November 19 - This is surprising with a uniqueness

Lunar Eclipse on November 19 – This is surprising with a uniqueness

This morning (German calendar) the moon will change a lot in the sky. Taking place Lunar eclipse It can be an exciting observation not only for astronomy enthusiasts. For example, according to NASA, Earth’s shadow will almost certainly hit satellites. However, what makes this event special is another detail.

Today’s Lunar Eclipse: This is very special

Like NASA on their website Explained, “The moon will be so close (…) that it will pass over the southern shadow of the earth for an almost complete lunar eclipse”. In total, 97 percent of the Moon’s surface should be covered.

For this purpose, Earth’s satellite will appear first on the Penumbra and then on our planet’s umbrella. As a result, it takes on a reddish-brown color. According to NASA, this is due to the fact that the Earth’s shadow is not completely black due to the atmosphere.

Charts on Instagram show the scattering of blue light in the Earth’s atmosphere. The red light, deflected, penetrates the atmosphere and falls on the moon.

But that’s not all. According to Experts: That’s inside the glass “The longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years“On the whole she should Three hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds Finally. And this century too, it has set the record for the longest eclipse.

Can a lunar eclipse be seen in Germany?

Unfortunately, the best display is not in Germany, but in the United States. A lunar eclipse on November 19 can also be seen in Western Europe and Germany. When circumstances are right. A clear vision is essential here. Then have the glass 8:19 a.m. to 11:47 p.m. To be noted. Of course, morning and day make vision difficult.

An example in April shows just how exciting such a landscape can be. Back The moon turned pink, which had significant effects on Earth.

Sources: NASA, Holcomb Observatory

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