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Lotus Reverie First Nexus, the new visual novel released on the Nintendo Switch!

Lotus Reverie First Nexus, the new visual novel released on the Nintendo Switch!

Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focusing on time management and social relationships at the end of the world. The story combines mystery, comedy, psychological drama and thriller in which you have to solve the mysteries that still linger in the world as you improve your relationship with the rest of the characters.

Progress as your relationships with the rest of the people improve.

Your daily life in the castle is defined by your social relationships. Each character in the game has four hearts that can not be opened, you will get by knowing them well. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to choose what you want to do to move the story forward between scenes, but you will be limited by a tension bar. Every day, depending on your stock, the tension menu will increase and if it reaches 100%, the game will end.

Fight if you want to win destiny

From July 15, you can enjoy this story in Switch, in which you are the protagonist. You can choose if you want to enjoy the game exclusively as a visual novel or if you want to fight when the time comes. Combat mode has a system-based mini-game called PSS (Co-Strategic System). Divided into two phases as End and Conflict, you must determine the actions, attitude and movement of your units in the face of the enemy. Following the decision, the second step is taken.

Strategy, magic and uncertainty are the elements of this mini-game that integrates with the rest of the game. The Lotus Reverie is also available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and the first Nintendo Switch today. Improve your relationships and solve the mysteries of this visual novel before time runs out.

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