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Lotrec.  "A real forward" in favor of broadband Internet

Lotrec. “A real forward” in favor of broadband Internet

Accelerating the arrival of high-speed to 11 municipalities by establishing an optical connection terminal.

The installation of an optical connection terminal (NRO) at Lotrech as part of the use of TornFiber guarantees high quality access to high-speed Internet, telephone and television services under operating conditions. Optimal… That is, share large files with load times that are 50 times faster than current ADSL! Or download a movie in 7 seconds on Fiber vs. 5 minutes on ADSL or a series with 10 episodes in 50 seconds vs. 45 minutes on ADSL.

Well, all of this will be confirmed soon, and the Opening Ceremony of the Optical Connection Point (NRO) on the Human Rights Path will take place on Thursday, November 4th in Lautrec.

Torn Fiber 100% Torn people want to be “connectable” at very high speeds!

As part of the Torn Fiber recruitment, Laurent Vandendrisse, Vice President in charge of Culture in the Department, Department Councilor of the Plain de Agode Region, Mayor of Saint-Paul-Cape-de-Jux, Thierry Bardo, Mayor Lautrec and Guillaume Fauré, Altice Gathered this Thursday to meet expectations.

This connection is about the nearly 2,000 homes and professional premises affected by the terminal, so they will see high-speed internet coming to their businesses or homes very soon.

Eleven municipalities involved in this node

They are spread across 11 municipalities: Bruce, Corps, Cook, Freezeville, Jonquiers, Lotrech, Byrne Couques, Puycalwell, Saint-Julian-du-Pui, Lotregois-Pace-de-Agonion-Lotte of the Community Community Center of Communes Dorn.

The mayor of Lautrec, Thierry Bardou, welcomed the fact that “this is a real improvement and that everyone can benefit fully from it, for example, Lautrec’s rest house, which facilitates the task of sending large files to large files.” He took this opportunity to thank the department for investing in this project for the future of the region.

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Laurent Vandendriessche, for his part, insisted on a reasonable deadline. During this inauguration, the latter, whether Thierry Burdock or the current mayors, would like to see “everyone serving by the end of 2022”. Guillaume Fauré, he put it, “A human but 250 250 million financial investment, with the importance of digital networks, is ten times greater than during the epidemic. All stages of the project have been ticked. At the end of December, an installation is open to all access providers “. As a reminder, the advantages of fiber: With almost 7 screens connected to every home, with the increase in online services and audiovisual services, the demand for speed is increasing, hence the fit of this large-scale approach. !