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Lost Signals Revealed for Nintendo Switch Nintendo Connection

Lost Signals Revealed for Nintendo Switch Nintendo Connection

Night School Studio and MWM Interactive released at the end of today’s IndiWorld presentation Actionfree II: Lost Signals To Nintendo Switch. It is expected to be a sequel to the award-winning story adventure Axonfree. The game should be released this fall!

Actionfree II: Lost Signals It takes place five years after the original events and brings a brand new line of characters designing an unnatural mystery thriller in their own way through their results.

Finally I can not put into words how happy I am to be able to talk about Axonfree II: Lost Signals. OXENFREE is very special to us and returning to this world was an incredible experience for us. We look forward to welcoming the ex-players and inviting the newcomers to embark on an adventure with all the new characters as strange, heartfelt and unique as the original.

Sean Crankell, co-founder and studio director of Night School Studios

Actionfree II: Lost Signals A game with a strong story focus, which is affected by the choices made by the player. It tells the story of Riley, an environmental researcher who returns to his hometown of Camana to investigate mysterious radio signals disrupting the city’s electronics. She is involved in ghost events. Actionfree II: Lost Signals Attracts players with a wonderful and original story in which they dive deeper and deeper into the supernatural secrets. The trademark of the Night School Studio, their internal, natural dialogue structure is back, and allows players to design their own gaming experience in a unique and in-depth way.

We are huge fans of Oxenfree and Night Schools’ approach to storytelling in sports. Their profound characters and incredible storytelling style are iconic, and we are happy to help bring players into this world. Axenfrey II: Lost Signals creates points that are original and at the same time particularly valued by fans, with the new story going with Axenfrey, creating an entry point for those who have not played the first part.

Ethan Sterns, Managing Vice President von MWM Interactive.

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