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Lost Ark: Amazon informs about preload, release time & EU server

On February 11, Amazon brings to Germany the online roll-flaming game Lost Ark, which is especially popular in Korea. In advance, the publisher announces official start times, announces the pre-loading of MMORPG, and publishes a list of new EU server names.

The Amazon Games Lost Arc will be available for download on Monday, February 7, 2022 at 6pm. Steam To implement. The final client installation depends on whether the players choose one of the so-called pioneer packages. Online roleplay Must be used in its free version (play for free / F2P). However, those who pre-order the bronze, silver, gold and platinum versions will get early access to the game and can explore the world of Arcasia three days in advance.

The rush for servers starts at the end of the day

The official start signal for pioneers will be on February 8 at 6 pm German time. All other players can start Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. If you decide to buy a Pioneer package between two dates, you can start right away. It sounds loud despite the instantaneous download (pre-loading). Amazon However, it is not possible to create characters or assign characters before the EU server opens. All changes can only be made on two important dates.

List of lost Arc EU servers, resetting times and Co.

Also, Amazon agrees To understand: “Server reset times (daily, weekly, employers’, events, etc.) are for one region. EU server names for Lost Ark are already set up. Depending on the workload, Amazon has opened the process of adding additional servers. The following servers are listed for Central Europe so far.

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