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Lord of the Rings: Amazon's MMO canceled due to Tencent

Lord of the Rings: Amazon’s MMO canceled due to Tencent

In 2018, Athlon Game, Belonging to Leo Technologies, Announced DevelopmentMassive multiplayer online role-playing game in the world Lord of the Rings, A MMORPG Co-produced with Amazon Games Studio, But who does not There is no direct connection with the series expected on the platform Prime Video The American giant. Except for that This game will never see daylight.

From this Jason Schreier reports Bloomberg, Is often well known for this type of business. The problem will come Tencent, Recently purchased Leo, HolderAthlon Game It develops MMO Lord of the Rings. Following this purchase, Negotiations between Amazon And Tencent Have become sour Conclusion Final: The game does not see daylight as a spokespersonAmazon In Bloomberg :

At this time we are unable to maintain the conditions to continue the development of this topic. We love the Lord of the Rings franchise and are disappointed not to bring this game to customers.

The MMO Lord of the Rings So it will not come as planned in 2022 or later And, again, according to the journalist, the staffAmazon Have already been placed in other projects. This is a new blow above all else Amazon Game Studios, It’s hard to get started. He has already canceled Go apart And The cross, Players are waiting now New world Look carefully New studio opens in Montreal. Immerse yourself in the world Central Earth, Trilogy Lord of the Rings Presented by Peter Jackson on Blu-ray 4UHD 109.99 Amazon, Longer versions included.

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