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Look at the history - how it works

Look at the history – how it works

Dictoc is full of good, suspenseful, funny and awesome videos. If you particularly like a clip, but do not know where to find the video, the question arises as to how you can view the history in Dictoc.

Unfortunately, there is no list in the TickTalk app in which you can see all the videos you have already watched. Nevertheless, with a little effort one can show a history.

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Which dictators did you see?

TickTalk is free, but some data is collected from you in the background. Due to data protection regulations, app providers must provide a way to download all the information you collect. This data makes it easier to find out which videos you have watched in the past. How to get information:

  1. Opens Tic Tac Toe-App.
  2. Tap Three bars Top right.
  3. Controls area “Data protection“A.
  4. Here you will find that section “Customization and data“.
  5. Scroll down to option “Download your data“.
  6. In the next window you can see what information you are getting from Dictoc. Choose below “TXTBecause it is easy to open data in this format.
  7. Press “Request data“.
  8. Now you have Wait up to four daysUntil the download package is available.
  9. Then go back to that area. “Data downloaded“.
  10. You will be taken out of the application and redirected to the download window. You may need to re-register.
  11. Data is stored Zip-format Downloaded. You should now delete it and you will find various text files in the folder. It is recommended to open the text files on the computer for a better view.
  12. Inviting sub-folder “Function“On.
  13. You can now open the file here “Video browsingGet all the links to Dictoc videos that have been opened in the past. In addition to the video link, history also shows you the date and time.

Of course, you need an account to download data. If you use Dictoc without logging in to the browser, you can view older videos by browser history.


Tic Tac Toe: History Download not working?

If the download does not work, replace the message “Unable to load user profile“Apparently, you can try logging in using a linked third-party account, so do the following to link your account to an email address:

  1. First, skip the download overview and switch to “”Manage account“In dictatorial systems.
  2. Invites section “Email“On.
  3. Select one e-mail address TicTac searches for the login and associated password.
  4. Then proceed as described above History Download With your email address.

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Dictoc History not only displays the videos you last viewed and searched for, but also provides a lot of additional information. When was the last time you logged into Dictoc, which used hashtags, see the names of followers and accounts you follow, and quickly check your favorites. Chat histories and profile settings are also included here.

View and clear search history

If you only want to see the history of the last search, you can do it directly in the Dictoc app. Will you switch to “”?SearchSection, all previous search terms are listed below.

These apps belong to every smartphone (video):

If you are bothered by the search word, you can delete it again using the “x” to the right of the corresponding entry. Alternatively, you can type “delete all” to delete the entire search history.

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