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Lonmason.  The city council oversees the security of the city

Lonmason. The city council oversees the security of the city

In the agenda of the last City Council on April 5, 2022, the discussion on the safety of goods and people was brought to our attention.

In the development of the city’s living environment, Downhall is playing safe by extending video security. Since 2019, the municipality has invested around 75 75,000 in video surveillance, including six cameras with a quick view system and a laptop PC that can be downloaded directly via WI-FI under each camera. However, this system is based on cameras of relatively old design, whereas the resolution quality has improved over the latest devices. The municipality is proposing to join this new project as it appears that the existing fleet can be upgraded and supplemented with better mesh with lower cost and more stable fixed cameras. However, old cameras can be easily replaced with a new device or reserved to meet temporary needs. The cost of the installation will be, 44,844, but can benefit from a grant equivalent to 50% or, 22,422 provided by the Interim Crime Prevention Fund (FIPD), which aims to finance activities within the framework of crime prevention programs. And within the framework of an agreement to be implemented between state and local authorities on the basis of urban policy. The debate approving the launch of the project was unanimously approved.

For information, the monitoring prioritizes sections of the city center and key points of the city: access to car parks and cemeteries and the possibility of controlling vehicular traffic from the north, south, east and west. Gates of the city ..

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The law strictly regulates the use of video protection in public or private places that are open to the public. Extraction of videos, in most cases, is done only within the framework of the request, at the request of a judicial police officer.

In the same context, the municipality wants to buy two pedestrian cameras. Another scheme eligible for FIPD subsidies within the framework of improving working conditions and protection of the Municipal Police Force is a single subsidy of 50% of the unit cost, but it should not exceed € 200 per unit. It will happen. Estimated at € 1,406 including VAT. City share 1016 – FIPD grant 400.