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Lonmason.  Patel: A mixed win for tennis and squash

Lonmason. Patel: A mixed win for tennis and squash

The Les Peupliers sports complex in La-Barthe-de-Neste offers a paddle space: this new discipline is experiencing strong growth.

Since the end of August last year, the Les Peupliers sports complex in La-Barthe-de-Neste has been offering Padel, a new activity not only in France but around the world, says resort manager Bruno Caradona. He says this is currently the highest growth rate. Also, Canal Plus, the encrypted channel made no mistake about it, it acquired all the broadcasting rights for the discipline.

For the record, Patel was born at sea in 1890 on British ships. It was intended to delight the passengers traveling on these boats. The name paddle, derived from “paddle tennis”, is used to refer to its tricks similar to paddle paddles. Pedal was originally born in 1969 in Acapulco, Mexico, and was introduced in Spain, where there are many coaches, and it is one of the most popular sports with over a million coaches.

It is a forged sport, a combination between tennis and squash, with a 200-square-meter carpet surrounded by “playable” glass walls that players can use. It is a game accessible to all ages and all levels. The paddle racket is smaller than the tennis racket and has a special ergonomics.

Already, Le Padel des Nestes has less than 200 members on Facebook.

Every Friday at 5:30 pm, the Les Peupliers campus hosts an “American” competition. Eight players who alternately meet the other seven. The most friendly formula refers to Bruno Carradona, which allows communication and exchange between players. Points are calculated separately for the success of the match.

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To practice the paddle, it is necessary to have a license from the French Tennis Federation (FFT), which has purchased the rights to train.

The paddle requires the same qualities as its coaches like squash and tennis. It works on cardio, endurance and reflexes, which is really a complete game in that sense.

To practice, you need to download the Ten’Up FFT app to get tickets in books or individually. Then, upon application, the courts can make reservations based on the variety of hexagons.

Les Peupliers: Phone: 05 62 98 81 84, or 06 84 08 92 31. Facebook: Les Peupliers. Website:

Email: [email protected]