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LOL Surprise!  Movie Night is coming to Nintendo Switch in October Nintendo Connect

LOL Surprise! Movie Night is coming to Nintendo Switch in October Nintendo Connect

LOL Surprise! Movie night Green light is available and available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this October! The game is based on the new “Movie Magic” toy line and will be available digitally and physically on October 26, 2021 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders are now included on the world’s leading sales sites Amazon, Media Mark And Saturn, Possible. You can support Nintendo Connect through * Links as you will receive a small commission for your purchase. Physical versions of the game will be offered with one of six exclusive LOL surprises while supplies last! Movie night beauties were sold.

LOL Surprise! Movie night Wom Publisher Nighthawk Interactive And MGA Entertainment, Inc. (MGAE), the fastest growing privately owned toy company, helps gamers create their own rising star. Go to the studio and try to be the next big thing in LOL Ville. Learn the text, take the right pose, meet other “stars” and act through various movie productions in the form of games and quests. LOL Surprise!

We could not be happier to partner with Nighthawk to create an awesome video game for our LOL community. We think our fans are already stars, but now they are going to enjoy Hollywood life in a new, fun way.

Isaac Lorion, CEO and founder of MGA

We are pleased to continue our partnership with MGA to bring a completely new, fun and addictive experience based on “Movie Magic” toys. We hope fans of LOL surprise! They will be happy with the result, and we can not wait until they get their hands on the game.

Joseph Sutton, Nighthawk Interactive President

LOL Surprise! Movie night The game helps players to enjoy a Hollywood-like lifestyle.

  • Light! Photo tool! Action! – L.O. Players can catch a piece of cinematic popcorn, learn the lines of upcoming shows, escape from ghosts in the creepy mansion, go on a desert trip or start production on the set.
  • Life with luxurious style After a long day of settling down, it’s time to sit back and relax on your own four walls. Decorate your apartment or throw yourself in the latest style with the help of shiny tokens.
  • But first a selfie! – Movie stars want to shine on camera. Players can take selfies in their favorite outfit and customize the images with colorful stickers and fancy filters.
  • Surprises await – Travel through the game and get a LOL surprise ball with a variety of other items including wallpaper, carpets, furniture and more.
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