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Logan Paul spends $ 3.5 million on fake Pokémon cards, apparently -

Logan Paul spends $ 3.5 million on fake Pokémon cards, apparently –

Logan Paul In recent days he has returned to the center of media attention, for his other suspicious exploits, for having been in the matter. Spent $ 3.5 million In a box Pokemon card, It turned out Lie, Though.

The story is divided into several phases, each of which has generated a significant number of discussions, tweets, social shares and more: based on first spending $ 3.5 million on Pokemon cards, which later emerged on suspicion. These were false and were finally (at least for now) confirming their falsity, but there is already another stage in the production, i.e. an appointment with the BBCE, which will guarantee the authenticity of the cards. This is what Paul has become a specialty of now, so we hope this match does not turn into a boxing match.

Apparently, all of this focus does nothing but good for YouTuber’s speakers who have been transformed into a boxer, and they have gained even more views on all the different stages of the story since buying this way. Will open To live. Ironically, it is difficult not to think that everything was carefully planned, but it must be said that the purchase would be very expensive even if this type of “investment”.

We will know more in the next few days, however, in a recent tweet, Logan Paul said that is all that needs to be done. Check the case Through Chicago’s Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), the company, which confirmed the authenticity of the items in the box, gave the green light to the millionaire’s purchase. We will see.

A few days ago, the same character had already “sacrificed” 15 Game Boy to create a table that angered fans of the Nintendo console and retrocam, even if the final work was not bad. Honest.