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NASA rover "diligently" discovered "animals" that should not even be on Mars

NASA rover “diligently” discovered “animals” that should not even be on Mars

NASA rover “Perseverance” is looking for clues to live on Mars. (Artist’s intention)


NASA rover “Perseverance” is looking for clues to live on Mars. Now he has discovered a mysterious “animal”. What is behind it.

WASHINGTON, DC – NASA’s two rovers are currently orbiting a red planet, and have not only discovered things of scientific significance, such as the water on Mars or the history of the “Jessero crater” landing site. Each time, the “diligence” and “curiosity” rover’s recordings contain images of things that should not really be on Mars. Recently, the rover “Perseverance” traveled to the red planet for almost a year and sent images of “partially buried skeletons” to Mars.

At least the viewer recognized the skeletons in the picture. “This is the way the air cleared the surface to expose the rock layers below. It’s actually a graveyard planet,” one user wrote on Twitter. In fact, the image showed rovers examined by the rover and then drilled to take a rock sample.

NASA rover “diligence” photo of “frog” on Mars

It’s not as creepy as the “partially buried skeleton” image, taken by NASA rover “Perseverance” in September 2021. Image taken by NASA in October 2021 Published as “Picture of the Week”, Shows a frog sitting in the middle of the red surface of Mars.

NASA rover Perseverance has discovered the existence of a “frog” on Mars. In fact, it is a stone formation.

© NASA / JBL-Caltech / ASU

To find a frog on Mars that has been searching for life for years – it will be a thrill. In fact, the alleged frog is a stone formation similar to the shape of a frog. The rover’s “head” was photographed from the left Mastcam-Z.

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NASA rovers “Perseverance” and “Curiosity” search for life on Mars

But why are things being discovered that don’t really exist on Mars? It is caused by a phenomenon called pareidolia, which is a kind of “auto-completion” in the brain that allows people to know unknown things. There are already images of “floating spoon”, “female figure” or “pyramid” discovered from Mars – this is where Paredolia struck. But this phenomenon is not limited to Mars, there are also common phenomena that occur on Earth: for example, when one believes that terrestrial objects can be identified in cloud systems or when one suspects a face on the full moon.

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Although the “frog” discovered by NASA rover “diligence” is not a sign of life on Mars: in fact, two active NASA rovers are on the red planet to find traces of past or present life. So far this has not been successful, but researchers expect a lot from future Mars missions: in the future, it will bring back rock and soil samples from the red planet to Earth, where researchers could explore them in detail. The Mars rover “diligence” is currently laying the groundwork for this: it will take samples of Mars and package them so that future missions can send them to Earth. Researchers are eagerly awaiting samples from the “treasure chest” that provide clues about Mars’ past. (Tab)